Ethereum registra nuovi massimi mentre le tariffe del gas DeFi salgono alle stelle

Con le commissioni di Ethereum che salgono a nuovi massimi in mezzo al rally di Ether in nuovi massimi di prezzo, le commissioni associate all’utilizzo di alcuni complessi protocolli DeFi sono aumentate di oltre $ 1.000.

Le commissioni sul gas di Bitcoin Revolution stanno nuovamente raggiungendo livelli record, rendendo inutilizzabili molti protocolli di finanza decentralizzata per gli investitori occasionali.

Dopo essere aumentate di circa il 20% nelle ultime 24 ore, le commissioni medie di transazione di Ethereum sono ora pari a un record di $ 17,67

Con molti progetti DeFi che richiedono l’esecuzione di contratti intelligenti complessi, ci sono commissioni associate all’uso di protocolli che richiedono transazioni complicate che ora superano i $ 1.000. In mezzo al caos, l’utente di Twitter „Olive Allen“ ha riferito di una tariffa stimata per il gas di quasi $ 5.000 per accettare un’offerta su Rarible.

Quando Cointelegraph ha controllato oggi, una singola transazione di grandi dimensioni su Synthetix era stimata a oltre $ 1.100, tuttavia il protocollo è in fase di aggiornamento che potrebbe influire sulle stime.

Ma anche semplici scambi che utilizzano scambi decentralizzati Uniswap e SushiSwap costano da $ 40 a $ 75

In risposta alle tariffe elevate, il co-host del podcast ConsensusRough „Checkmate“ ha avvertito gli utenti DeFi di considerare la spesa necessaria per l’esecuzione di contratti intelligenti prima di investire.

Ha condiviso lo screenshot di un utente che pretende di mostrare tariffe stimate per il gas superiori al prezzo di Ether. (Anche se questo potrebbe essere stato falsificato, è sostanzialmente in linea con rapporti simili).

SushiSwap: the addition of a BentoBox pushes the SUSHI token to new heights

SushiSwap’s SUSHI token has increased 200% this month.

This increase comes as SushiSwap prepares for the release of BentoBox

A broader DeFi „readjustment“ is underway, causing the prices of many decentralized finance tokens to rise significantly.

SushiSwap’s SUSHI token has jumped over 200% this month. It briefly hit a new record, as the team prepares to launch a new service called BentoBox.

The SUSHI briefly surpassed $ 9 to exceed the previous high of 8.84 dollars at CoinGecko . The sharp rise in price comes as the SushiSwap team prepares to launch its next product offering, dubbed BentoBox.

SushiSwap started out as a fork of the DeFi Uniswap platform . Uniswap is one of the most famous platforms in the field of decentralized finance ( DeFi ).

Built on the Ethereum blockchain , Uniswap includes many smart contracts that enable decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges, called “swaps”, take place instantly without the need to call in a third-party arbitrator.

SushiSwap adds to this the intervention of both governance and staking. Its governance mechanism allows SUSHI holders to vote on proposals for the development of the platform. Staking allows the platform’s liquidity providers to earn interest by lending to the “pools” that facilitate these swaps.

SushiSwap adds functionality

Still on the sushi theme, the next upcoming development on SushiSwap is called BentoBox. This update aims to improve the way tokens are “stored” on the platform.

Currently, each exchange involves an asset and a denomination (i.e. WBTC / USDT). In order for a swap to be executed, the platform hosts a single smart contract, which means that a different set of rules must be defined for each.

BentoBox offers a “safe” which contains a certain number of tokens. Once a token has been granted permission to be part of the vault, any swap can be created.

The team also suggests a few additional perks, such as lower transaction fees and “advanced” transfers.

The great readjustment

The DeFi space really started to take off in the summer of 2020. A host of cryptocurrencies that support DeFi projects saw their value increase significantly, and the community called this time “DeFi summer. ”.

Projects such as Yearn Finance , Aave and Compound have seen their value increase considerably. Each of them is worth over $ 1 billion in market capitalization today.

Namely, the total blocked value (TVL) of DeFi space, a measure of the value brought into play in all DeFi projects, surpassed $ 20 billion towards the end of last year. The total value blocked currently stands at over $ 25 billion.

Overall, the DeFi space is undergoing a “big readjustment” according to some community members, which means its true value has only just been unlocked.

Kommer AAVE att nå en ny all-time high?


  • AAVE handlar mellan support och motstånd till $ 62 respektive $ 83.
  • Priset har brutit ut från en kortsiktig fallande motståndslinje.
  • AAVE / BTC följer en fallande motståndslinje.

Aave (AAVE) -priset försöker för närvarande bryta ut över $ 83-motståndsområdet, vilket, om det lyckas, skulle ta priset mot en ny rekordhög nivå.

Medan en kortvarig retracement kan uppstå, kommer AAVE sannolikt att gå högre.

AAVE närmar sig all-time high

AAVE-priset har gått uppåt sedan det nådde ett lägsta värde på 24,66 dollar den 5 november. AAVE nådde ett högsta värde på 84,71 dollar den 20 november, och saknade knappt det helt höga priset (ATH) innan det sjönk kraftigt.

Nedgången tjänade dock endast till att validera $ 62-området som stöd eftersom priset skapade en mycket lång övre veke och har rört sig uppåt sedan dess.

Tekniska indikatorer är hausse och stöder fortsättningen av den uppåtgående rörelsen. Om priset skulle bryta ut över motståndsområdet på $ 83 finns det praktiskt taget inget mer motstånd förrän $ 90,83 högt.

Cryptocurrency trader @TradingTank skisserade ett AAVE-diagram och uppgav att priset snart kommer att nå ett nytt rekordhögt.

Även om detta är en möjlighet (stöds också av tekniska indikatorer) har priset ännu inte gått ut över $ 83-området, vilket är nödvändigt för en ny ATH.

Framtida rörelse

Korttidsdiagrammet för AAVE visar att priset har brutit ut från en fallande motståndslinje. Det har emellertid bildat betydande baisseartad avvikelse i både RSI och MACD.

Dessutom har priset inte testat igenom breakoutnivån sedan det flyttade sig över det.

Därför verkar en kortsiktig minskning mot $ 68 troligt innan priset potentiellt kan återuppta sitt uppåtgående momentum.


AAVE / BTC-paret visar att priset har följt en fallande motståndslinje sedan det nådde en höjdpunkt den 23 augusti.

I skrivande stund sammanfaller linjen med motståndsområdet ₿0.0045, vilket ökar dess betydelse. En breakout över denna nivå skulle sannolikt utlösa ett mycket skarpt rally.

Tekniska indikatorer är hausse, vilket stöder möjligheten för en potentiell utbrott.

Därför kommer AAVE-priset troligtvis att bryta ut över denna linje efter några mellan ranging0,0045 och ₿0,0032.


Avslutningsvis ser utsikterna för både AAVE / USD och AAVE / BTC haussa på lång sikt och neutral / baiss på kort sikt. Priset bör så småningom nå en ny rekordhög nivå.

The University of San Andrés and Bitcoin Argentina hold an open seminar on Bitcoin and Blockchain

The University of San Andrés -UDESA- in Argentina, invites to an open seminar with different topics of crypto and blockchain

Within the framework of the Master in Business & Technology of the University of San Andrés -UDESA- in Argentina, an open online seminar on Bitcoin and Blockchain is invited on Wednesday 25 November at 7 p.m. (Argentina time).

According to the organizers, this activity will have the participation of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina (Asociación Civil DECODES). Different topics will be developed about the Blockchain ecosystem in Argentina and Latin America, the actions and projects of the NGO, the current situation of Bitcoin Rejoin Scam, its economic foundations and cases of applied use of technology from the DIDI Project, Digital Identity for Inclusion project.

The main speaker of the topics to be presented will be Rodolfo Andragnes, co-founder and President of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

„Among the projects promoted by the NGO is the DIDI Project, which aims to develop a self-sustaining digital identity to achieve the social inclusion of populations in informal neighbourhoods. It is currently working in the Padre Mugica neighbourhood, CABA,“ they said. His CTO, Milton Berman, will be representing and speaking on this project.

„Milton Berman is a computer engineer from the UBA, with a passion for blockchain and decentralisation technologies. He has worked many years leading software projects in various technologies until he entered the world of decentralisation. First as CTO of the DIDI Project and today as Product Owner of RIF Identity in RSK, where he makes products that drive the paradigm shift in digital identity where the human being becomes in control of his data and privacy is the norm“, they detailed.

Those interested in participating in the seminar should register in advance by clicking here.

IMCoin (IMC) Fliegt hoch

PRESSEMITTEILUNG. IMCoin, bekannt als die erste Hybridmünze, schließt eine Woche mit einem Rekordpreisanstieg in ihrer Geschichte ab und erreicht einen Wert von 1,83 USD pro Jeton. Der IMC-Preis ergibt sich aus der Anzahl der verkauften Wertmarken geteilt durch den Saldo des geprüften Reservefonds, der bereits 417 Tage Geschichte hat. In dieser Woche erreichte der IMC insgesamt 19.028.319 verkaufte Spielmarken und einen Reserve- bzw. Basisfonds von 34.777.399 USD.

Das Ziel des IMC ist es, das Jahresende mit einem Wert von 2 USD zu erreichen, und mit dieser Rate fortzufahren scheint ein erreichbares Ziel zu sein.

Das Ziel von IMCoin ist es, die erste Hybridmünze auf dem Markt zu sein, die ihren Inhabern die Möglichkeit bietet, einen Vermögenswert mit einem geprüften und öffentlichen Basiswert zu unterlegen, in den das Geld aus dem Verkauf der Wertmarke eingeht, der aber seinerseits versucht, seinen Wert zu steigern, um den Preis der Münze positiv zu beeinflussen. Auf diese Weise ist das Team der Ansicht, dass sowohl die Öffentlichkeit für die Stablecoin als auch für die Performance Coins an der IMCoin interessiert sein und von ihr profitieren kann. Personen, die in Stablecoins investieren, müssen nicht mehr die Rentabilität für die Stabilität opfern, und Personen, die in Kryptowährungen investieren, müssen nicht mehr die Stabilität für die Rendite opfern.


Beginn: 15. Mai 2019 (9:00 Uhr GMT)

Endet: 15. April 2021 (11:00 Uhr GMT)

Anzahl der zu verkaufenden Wertmarken: 100,000,000

Anfänglicher symbolischer Preis: 1,00 USD

Aktueller Tokenkurs: $1,83 (aktualisiert auf Basis des Basiswerts)

Voraussichtlicher Preis für Januar 2021: $2,00

Token derzeit verkauft: 19,028,319

Mindestkaufbetrag: 100 IMC

Il conteggio delle onde di Bitcoin indica che un massimo è vicino

Bitcoin ha iniziato un impulso rialzista il 13 marzo.

Il prezzo è probabilmente nella quinta e ultima ondata dell’impulso.

L’area più probabile che funga da top è a $ 17.200.

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Il Trust Project è un consorzio internazionale di testate giornalistiche che stabiliscono standard di trasparenza.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin Freedom si sta probabilmente avvicinando al culmine di un movimento al rialzo di cinque ondate iniziato il 13 marzo. Sebbene il prezzo sia probabilmente nell’onda finale, l’azione dei prezzi non ha mostrato alcuna debolezza.

In questo articolo, le onde saranno etichettate come segue:

  • Cycle Wave – Bianco
  • Wave – Arancione
  • Onda secondaria – Blu
  • Onda secondaria minore – nera

Conteggio a lungo termine di Bitcoin

Il conteggio a lungo termine per Bitcoin (mostrato in bianco sotto) indica che il prezzo è nella quinta e ultima ondata di ciclo di un impulso rialzista iniziato con il minimo del 13 marzo. Inoltre, il prezzo sembra essere nella quinta e ultima ondata (arancione) dell’onda del quinto ciclo precedente.

L’obiettivo più probabile per la parte superiore del movimento è compreso tra $ 17.040 e $ 17.311. Lo strumento di ritracciamento Fib delinea tre potenziali obiettivi:

Pertanto, è molto probabile che l’area agisca come il massimo una volta che il prezzo lo raggiunge.
Conteggio delle onde di Bitcoin

Conteggio principale a breve termine

Il conteggio rialzista principale suggerisce che il prezzo è in una quinta ondata estesa (arancione), attualmente scambiata nella quinta e ultima sub-onda (blu).
Un’altra proiezione fib (che proietta la lunghezza delle sotto-onde 1-3 a 4) fornisce un obiettivo vicino a $ 17.231, adattandosi agli obiettivi precedentemente forniti e supportando la loro legittimità.
Conteggio principale di Bitcoin

Il trader di criptovalute @TheTradinghubb ha delineato diversi conteggi di Bitcoin, suggerendo che una volta che BTC farà la sua prossima mossa, la maggior parte sarà invalidata, lasciando solo quella giusta.
Conteggio onde BTC

Il conteggio più probabile suggerisce che la sub-onda finale (blu) è attualmente in corso e il prezzo è nella quinta e ultima sotto-onda minore (nera).

Il conteggio delle ondate verrebbe invalidato da un calo inferiore a $ 15.670 (linea rossa).
Conteggio a breve termine di BTC

Conteggio alternativo a breve termine

Il conteggio alternativo suggerisce che il prezzo ha appena completato la sub-ondata 3, che è stata estesa, e ora scenderà, possibilmente fino a $ 12.545.

Sebbene questo sia tecnicamente valido, non si adatta al movimento attuale né agli indicatori tecnici. Pertanto è improbabile che sia quello corretto.
Conteggio alternativo BTC


Per concludere, il prezzo di BTC dovrebbe raggiungere i 17.200 $ per completare il suo impulso rialzista.

Per la precedente analisi Bitcoin di BeInCrypto, fai clic qui!

Dichiarazione di non responsabilità: il trading di criptovaluta comporta un alto livello di rischio e potrebbe non essere adatto a tutti gli investitori. Le opinioni espresse in questo articolo non riflettono quelle di BeInCrypto

The Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan has published a draft law on the regulation of relations in the cryptosphere.

Last Friday, 13 November, the Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan presented its version of the draft law on the regulation of the cryptographic industry. The CB statement notes that the expert community and representatives of the cryptographic business can take part in the discussion and revision of this document.

The main purpose of the law is to create legal Bitcoin Profit conditions that minimize the risks of fraud with digital currencies and legalisation of criminal revenues through tokens. In addition, the regulator expects to use the regulatory framework to stimulate the development of block technology in the country.

The tax regime must comply with current legislation. At the same time, the document points out the need to attract internal and external investments into the cryptosphere.

Until the end of November, the Central Bank will accept proposals and comments on this draft law. On 4 December, the regulator plans to publish the final version of the document and include it in the official register of regulatory acts.

The Kyrgyz authorities want to pay special attention to the mining industry. Last year, for example, there were proposals to introduce a tax for companies and citizens involved in crypt mining.

Week in crypto: Voting and clear winners, is Bitcoin one of them?

This week the markets and the crypto community have been at the forefront of the US presidential vote which has undoubtedly generated a great deal of uproar even in crypto. But, among all, Bitcoin Lifestyle stood out.

In the face of so many events and occurrences, today we bring you a summary of the most important news of the week, and therefore, you can’t miss it.
Bitcoin found strength in the election, but how did it react to the result?

Just yesterday in the CryptoTrend daily summary we commented on how the stock market and the crypto market were starting to react to the fact that the vote count was ending.

Bitcoin has had a spectacular week. The price of the leading crypto on November 1st was just USD 13,730 according to CoinMarketCap; while, at the time of writing, the price of BTC is USD 15,220.

Specifically, the factors that could have driven the price of crypto are the presidential vote, along with the uncertainty generated by the results, and the prospects of US economic policies that could weaken the dollar.

In fact, on Thursday night, Bitcoin came very close to $16,000, marking a new annual high. This was happening as Donald Trump and Joe Biden battled it out in the open (Twitter, of course).

Just on Thursday the uncertainty reached its climax, as by Friday the vote count already pointed to a clear victory for Biden and the crypto market reacted.

On Friday, the stock market did not react very well as Biden was already being considered as the next president of the United States. However, Biden’s victory became official yesterday but we will not see the markets‘ reaction until tomorrow, Monday.

However, Bitcoin did take a step backwards. Falling from USD 15,500 to USD 14,700 and then recovering to the current level of USD 15,220.

U.S. elections are about to be over, how are the markets reacting?

Cripto Traders in favor of Trump lose a lot of money

Several times we have mentioned in CryptoTrend the crypto prediction markets where you basically bet that something will happen or not. Yesterday one of the markets was defined after the results were known.

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, won the U.S. presidential election and, with that, Donald Trump will have to say goodbye to the White House, although he will have to fight.

As a result, FTX futures on the U.S. elections were closed with a loss for all those who invested in TRUMP contracts. In other words, it is estimated that crypto traders lost about $11 million on these contracts.

However, these contracts expire on January 20, 2021.

Joe Biden’s victory at the Blockchain

The Associated Press yesterday registered Joe Biden as the next president of the United States on the Blockchain with the help of Everipedia. He is the first president to register his victory in the Ethereum and EOS Blockchain.

Disse viktige beregningene gir en mer bullish sak for Bitcoin

Bitcoins verdi har blitt verdsatt den siste uken, og den ligger for øyeblikket på $ 11, 377. Verdien på den digitale eiendelen nådde et par dager tilbake på $ 11 731, men klarte ikke å holde på dette nivået og gled lavere.

Imidlertid har BTC som holder seg over $ 11 000-markeringen vært et tegn på lettelse for de fleste handelsmenn da de fortsetter å satse på den bullish fremtiden til mynten

Den positive følelsen har økt, ettersom verdien akselererer sammen med den flytende interessen fra private selskaper som Square. Den institusjonelle interessen og detaljhandelen har rådet i markedet og har vært økende ettersom BTCs følelser som var i fryktområdet til nylig, beveget seg mot grådighetsindeksen. Denne økende tilliten til markedet ble støttet av hash-frekvensen som nådde en heltidshøyde 14. oktober og oversteg 140 EH / s.

Dette var 36% høyere enn hashfrekvensen i begynnelsen av året, noe som tyder på at bitcoin-grunnleggende er like sterke som noen gang, med nettverket som det sikreste.

Det økte transaksjonsgebyret til det sikre nettverket. Tidligere, da prisen på Bitcoin begynte å konsolidere i juni, hadde også transaksjonsgebyrene sunket. Imidlertid, da den digitale eiendelen går på en bullish vei, har også transaksjonsgebyrene begynt å klatre.

For tiden utgjør transaksjonsgebyrene nesten 9,5% av gruvearbeidene og har blitt en betydelig bidragsyter til gruvearbeidene etter halveringen i mai

I henhold til Arcane-forskning har gruveinntektene ikke blitt så sterkt påvirket av transaksjonsgebyrer siden Bull-løpet i 2017.

Med hash-hastigheten økende og gruvearbeidere er fortsatt lønnsomme, har markedet bestått av selvsikre handelsmenn, og til og med de gamle handelsmennene våkner opp til dette nye markedet. I henhold til rapportene ble det brukt en annen 2010-belønning 14. oktober, som økte antall ‚Satoshi-æra‘-bitcoins flyttet i 2020. Det ser ut til at markedet forbereder seg på et rally, men lengden eller intensiteten av det samme kan ikke være kjent.

Isla de Man dice Bitcoin, Ethereum no valores

La Isla de Man ha publicado un documento que define las criptomonedas.

Los activos criptográficos pueden ser dinero electrónico, valores o no regulados.

Ether y Bitcoin parecen no ser valores bajo este esquema, aunque no se mencionan en el documento por su nombre

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Trust Project es un consorcio internacional de organizaciones de noticias que construyen estándares de transparencia.

La Isla de Man, una dependencia autónoma de la Corona británica, ha publicado un documento que guía cómo definirá las criptomonedas como Bitcoin Evolution.

Específicamente, la autoridad de servicios financieros (FSA) del país clasifica las criptomonedas por su función. Intercalada entre el Reino Unido e Irlanda, la Isla de Man es una isla británica autónoma con un parlamento y un organismo de control financiero.

Se anunció el 14 de octubre de 2020 que la FSA anunció un documento destinado a guiar a las empresas que interactúan con las criptomonedas.

El documento parece ser compatible con las criptomonedas y ofrece un marco para que los empresarios trabajen con criptoactivos.

Vamos a ser digitales

Las autoridades crearon las pautas en un esfuerzo de colaboración. La Isla Digital de Man, una agencia ejecutiva dedicada a la tecnología en la isla, se asoció con la FSA para crear el documento. Esto fue para asegurar que el documento permaneciera „tecnológicamente neutral“.

La conclusión general fue que los diferentes criptoactivos se definirían legalmente por lo que hacen, en lugar de por cómo se crean:

“La guía está dirigida a aquellos que están considerando vender, emitir, administrar o administrar criptoactivos / tokens (en esta guía ‚tokens‘), e ilustra qué actividades relacionadas con tokens, realizadas utilizando la tecnología de contabilidad distribuida (‚DLT‘), pueden haber implicaciones regulatorias „.

Bitcoin y imperativos categóricos

Afortunadamente, la autoridad financiera estableció las diferentes categorías de tokens en un gráfico útil:

Básicamente, los tokens se pueden clasificar como inversiones, dinero electrónico o no estar regulados. La categorización se basa principalmente en la función del token. El documento de la FSA desglosa aún más los grupos.

Los tokens de seguridad , entonces, son aquellos que funcionan como acciones, debentures, unidades en una inversión colectiva o derivados. Bitcoin (como dinero electrónico o depósito de valor) y Ether (como moneda para una máquina virtual) no parecen ser valores, bajo este esquema.

Aún así, las inversiones que funcionan como valores o dinero electrónico estarán reguladas por la FSA. Sin embargo, es posible que no sea necesaria una licencia. Aquellos valores que ofrecen algún tipo de crecimiento de capital, en otras palabras, inversiones, requieren una licencia.