The University of San Andrés and Bitcoin Argentina hold an open seminar on Bitcoin and Blockchain

The University of San Andrés -UDESA- in Argentina, invites to an open seminar with different topics of crypto and blockchain

Within the framework of the Master in Business & Technology of the University of San Andrés -UDESA- in Argentina, an open online seminar on Bitcoin and Blockchain is invited on Wednesday 25 November at 7 p.m. (Argentina time).

According to the organizers, this activity will have the participation of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina (Asociación Civil DECODES). Different topics will be developed about the Blockchain ecosystem in Argentina and Latin America, the actions and projects of the NGO, the current situation of Bitcoin Rejoin Scam, its economic foundations and cases of applied use of technology from the DIDI Project, Digital Identity for Inclusion project.

The main speaker of the topics to be presented will be Rodolfo Andragnes, co-founder and President of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

„Among the projects promoted by the NGO is the DIDI Project, which aims to develop a self-sustaining digital identity to achieve the social inclusion of populations in informal neighbourhoods. It is currently working in the Padre Mugica neighbourhood, CABA,“ they said. His CTO, Milton Berman, will be representing and speaking on this project.

„Milton Berman is a computer engineer from the UBA, with a passion for blockchain and decentralisation technologies. He has worked many years leading software projects in various technologies until he entered the world of decentralisation. First as CTO of the DIDI Project and today as Product Owner of RIF Identity in RSK, where he makes products that drive the paradigm shift in digital identity where the human being becomes in control of his data and privacy is the norm“, they detailed.

Those interested in participating in the seminar should register in advance by clicking here.